A slime draws near!

Somewhere on a quiet server of the internet along the river of data is a small cyber-oasis. The trees grow greener than emeralds and the grass is always gleaming with dew. Strangers sometimes stop here along their journey for a moments respite in the warmth of the sun or the shade of a mangrove, surrounded by the distant songs of a hundred different amphibians.

Welcome to Otamadachi!



Under Serious Construction! Please mind the mess.

Anyway, hi! Welcome to Otamadachi. This is my website for basically anything I think is cool. I used to be really into customizing HTML and pages when I was younger and recently the urge struck again. I like making things look pretty and putting lots of cute pixel art on things. I'm gonna talk about virtual pets and video games and artwork and various fictional men I like here. This is a sporadic little project on the side for me to have fun with. Anyway, hope you have an awesome day! Stay weird.


18/09/22 - Slime page is finally here too! It's about time. It's not finished yet, but it's linked both on the shrine page and the slime encounter box. Take a peek!

16/09/22 - Big update! Made a shrine! It's for two of my favourite video game characters and how much I love their dynamic. Go check it out on the shrine page.

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