In the middle of the great lake sits a small island. It is lush with greenery and wildlife- the frogs seem to congregate here under the mangroves around a glowing spring, their croaks joining into a chorus. Peering into it you can see the shadow of what looks like a gigantic frog resting on the bottom- far bigger than should ever fit in such a small pond! Bubbles break the surface as the great beast stirs, looks up at you- and smiles.

A Brief History...

Hello! I'm the reclusive little webmaster of Otamadachi. Sometimes called Baal online, I'm just a dude from England who is doing his best. If you came here, you probably want to know a little more about me!

As a kid I was obsessed with virtual pet sites and virtual worlds online- early 2000s internet was chock full of these, and it really shaped my love of being online in general. I first learned HTML exclusively for editing my neopets pages, actually. I basically tried out every virtual pet site under the sun, and eventually through the use of an old defunct domain called vpetsite, tried to make my own. It was about as good as you'd expect a website made by a 10 year old to be, but it didn't matter- I was having fun and making something. Eventually as a teen I got into blogging and heavily editing my blog themes, and that's whats sort of led me here today. I figured, hey- I'm an adult, I can probably make an actual website. So that's why I'm here!

I'll probably share more about my specific internet history on certain pages and when it's relevant, but that's the basics. I'm here because I love websites, and I miss the days I spent trying to build my own as an awkward kid. I think the internet could use way more weird little niche sites, so conisder this my contribution!

My Interests:

Video games: Yakuza, Pokemon, Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy XIV, Civilization, Dwarf Fortress, Stardew Valley, Story of Seasons, Digimon, Roller Coaster Tycoon, Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel, too many indie titles to count...

Movies and TV: Every kind of horror movie- from the intellectual to the bottom-of-the-barrel schlock. Not watching any series right now, but I love cartoons- all kinds of cartoons. I need to watch more anime.

Other hobbies: Drawing, Mahjong, tabletop and card games, sewing (poorly), baking (poorly), nature walks and bird watching, looking for cool bugs, hoping to get into more artsy hobbies like pottery soon.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by! Why not leave a message in the chat on the left while you're here? Whatever you choose to do now, have a lovely day!

This is Baal, my fursona. (Can you still call them that if it's a frog...?) If I need to represent myself, I tend to use them. They're not technically a frog... but 'ancient hedonistic demigod taking the form of an anthropomorphic frog to enjoy the mortal realms carnal pleasures' is a bit of a mouthful.